Natural childbirth is a popular topic worldwide at the moment.
More and more women are having caesarean-sections or other medical interventions during childbirth, often unnecessarily. Fear plays a big role in childbirth meaning women have little or no trust in their own natural instincts.

Our primary reaction to stress, danger or anticipated pain is that we (subconsciously) activate the Sympathetic nervous system which releases adrenaline into our bloodstream in a fight or flight response. In fact by tuning into our Parasympathetic nervous system we can create a calmer self with a lower pulse rate. This part of our nervous system is also responsible for creating oxytocin. We have forgotten how to activate our parasympathetic nervous system and how we can influence what happens with our bodies.

In current times, stress and unrest are becoming commonplace and almost accepted as status quo to the point that we don’t know how to relax anymore. We have become detached from our natural being. Our bodies are the most intricate machines known to man. By allowing our own bodies to follow the natural process of childbirth our nervous system kicks into action creating oxytocin which amongst other things is responsible for contractions therefore facilitating birth.

It’s time for change!

With the birth of our 1st and 3rd children, I experienced first-hand that there are different birth worlds. It’s even the case that one world is against the other where different approaches are easily dismissed. For example the medical world of Gynaecology versus the world of midwifery.

With my company Wonderbaar I aim to promote natural labour and childbirth working in cooperation with health care professionals to support pregnant women in the months leading up to (and after) the birth. My primary focus is helping Mums-to-be individually, supporting their desire for a natural childbirth and exploring the various options with them to enable this. We look at many different options for both a homebirth or a hospital birth to ensure the best possible care for Mum and Baby. For further information, please see: Coaching